What is I’m a Councillor

It’s a web event which breaks down barriers and gets councillors and young people talking. And it’s fun!

Young People
– get engaged with local democracy

Councillors – find out about how young people feel, their concerns and enthusiasms

Teachers – get a ready-made, memorable way to teach citizenship, where the work is all done for them

For the two weeks of the event, young people use web technology they feel comfortable with, to ‘meet’ local councillors from their area. They ask questions and have live chats with councillors, and then vote for their favourite to become ‘youth champion’ for the area.

IAC brings people together, gives young people a voice and teaches them about local democracy, in a fun and memorable way!

This year’s event will run 4th to 15th October 2010 (20th September to 1st October 2010 in Scotland).

IAC is the centrepiece of Local Democracy Week, part of the Congress Council of Europe’s campaign to make local democracy relevant and useful to young people. IAC is produced by Gallomanor Communications Ltd, specialists in helping organisations engage their communities.


Five or six members from your council compete to be ‘Youth Champion’ for the area.  The councillors put up manifestos on www.bigvote.org.uk, then young people from the area ask questions and chat with them online.  After grilling their candidates, young people vote for the councillor of their choice.  Councillors are evicted one by one until only the ‘Youth Champion’ is left in each area.

Young people are introduced to the website by teachers, often in Citizenship classes, or by youth workers invenue from youth clubs to pupil referral units.  The event is especially good for involving ‘hard to reach’ young people, and is supported by classroom resources, quizzes and lesson plans.

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